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Canada Together Society

Providing support and resources to educate new comers, students and adults

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Learning Through Play
Canada Together Society

Now have started Kids soccer

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Free Citizenship Class
Canada Together Society

Filling different application forms ( Social housing, immigration application forms)

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tutoring for school students
Canada Together Society

After school homework, and tutoring for elementary and high school students

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Our Motto

Providing access to quality education, helping newcomers, and best service to the community.

The mission of Canada Together Society is to provide support and resources to educate new comers, students and adults through our programs and activities. We keep an eye on the needs of society in order to fulfill them through our members/volunteers help. We encourage every member of society to contribute in welfare of others in what every way they can like by providing finance, by sharing their knowledge or by sharing their time.

Our Story

Canada Together Society- our values & principles

Canada Together Society (CTS) was established in April 2016. The idea of establishing CTS was started in the basement of one of CTS’s members when students and adults were given help for their assignments at that basement every weekend in 2014. At that time, the teaching and learning process was given to a few people/ students. But through time a lot of people heard about the program and joined the group to benefit from it. As the needs of the members increase, the types of service given by CTS increased. As of 2015, CTS offers a lot of programs for its members: Youth engagement, free citizenship classes, free driving license classes, settlement for immigrants come to Edmonton from other provinces of Canada, interpretation, community picnic, soccer club for youths.

CONTACT US NOW!  780-903-3526

#212 10709 105 street NW Edmonton